Search Engine Optimizer Job Description

A search engine optimizer also referred to as an SEO analyst, is a specialist in the field of search engine optimization and marketing activities. The specialist has an in-depth knowledge of various optimization sources and techniques that include keyword research, content generation and SEO copywriting among other optimization elements that will be necessary to give a website a better chance to have a higher rank in search engines.

Professionally, the optimizer serves as a liaison between various contractors and their clients across different departments. The optimizer is also expected to have an exceptional understanding of SMO (social media optimization) and all that it entails. People and online corporations can hire the services of and SEO analyst for the following functions and responsibilities:

•    Conducting keyword research in coordination with the objectives of the company to optimize the company’s website (with a greater reference to content), to birth new lead and opportunities.

•    Do SEO and SMO analysis and give recommendations that better the structural design and other elements of the web site and all its pages.

•    Develop and execute appropriate strategies that generate accurate content development that are in line with the SEO goals of the company. An important part of this objective being the development of general and specific keywords.

•    Recommend and administer the use of certain search engine programs that support the generation of diagnostic reports for the company to review.

•    Help in the creating and implementation of supportive marketing content that will also be used in SMO. The content can include blogs, reviews, videos, and social media posts.

•    Help to increase link building through the development and implementation of link building campaign about the company’s optimization objectives. An important part of the link building campaign focusing on creating new and relevant partnerships via organic links.

•    Address the communication challenges to improve the execution of communication (content) strategies via all the company’s social networks. This will include recommending and administer social media tools that support the company’s SMO and social media marketing strategy.

•    Monitor, analysis, and enhance SEO results to improve the ranking of the all the company’s websites. This will include evaluating search performance across all major search engines.

The search engine optimizer or SEO analyst will then have to make a full and updated reports reflecting all the above function and responsibilities in regards to the SEO and SMO project with a clear outline of the strides made and future projections of various aspects such as project development, current and expected project results, and the respective timelines.