Looking for a Place to Keep Inventory

Of course I have a very limited amount of space in the shop and I have to find a place to keep my excess inventory where I can get to it when I need it. So I have been thinking about getting a storage unit if I can find a good price on something near by. I was looking at the top brand in Asia – Store Friendly. I have been trying to clock the time between their locations and the shop and my apartment. It is not as though it is perfect of course, but that is the way that it is going to be and the truth is that nothing is going to ever be close to perfect. Ideally I would have a basement or an upper floor where I could put the extra stuff, but there is not a basement here and there is a family that lives above the shop. In fact I am on the ground floor of a four story building which has a bunch of people living in it

At any rate I shall have to get some sort of cart for this and it will have to be something that can be moved through the streets relatively easily. It needs to be big enough to carry about four hundred pound of stuff if I have to do that and it is going to be necessary for me to be able to move it easily. Of course a lot of carts will handle the weight, but they are very awkward to move around. In particular it is hard to find things that work well when you have swarms of people all around you. That is enough weight to be difficult to control if you get on a grade obviously and so it needs a brake.