I Always Approach Change Very Slowly

I have been a big fan of my iPhones for many years. Sometime back I purchased a phone through another brand, but it just did not hold the same appeal for me. Nothing wrong with it, I just liked what I had already been using for many years and had no problems with. I quickly sold it on a popular online auction website. With Apple’s newest phone, I was interested in learning how to downgrade IOS because I really liked the operating system running on my older phone. Great systems on both, but I like to broach change slowly. What that usually means is that I like to read about it and hear about it first from others before I jump into whatever the newest change.

The newest version of phone is a bit larger than the previous version, which means that I need a larger, protective case. As I said, I like to approach things slowly, so if the phone size happened to be the same, I would have stuck with my old and most favorite phone case. But it looks like I needed to step out of my rut and get one this time around.

I went over to a friend’s house with a six pack because he had promised me that he would help me with the downgrade process. I thought it would be something that could take about an hour to do, but he surprised me by doing it just a few minute’s time. He said that he had already done it two times prior to helping me, so he already had good practice.

I thanked him by handing him the six pack and sat down for a bit to check everything out to make sure that the downgrade went okay. Everything looked perfect to me.