GPS watches a new accuracy precision story!

gpswatchSports GPS watches are very durable, being made ​​of plastics composite. The most common sports watch characteristics are the dive resistant and the GPS accuracy precision. They have encapsulate altimeter, speedometer, compass, GPS, sensors for monitoring heart rate and blood pressure and are suitable men with active lifestyles.

One of the most important details regarding these watches is their accuracy precision. This characteristic makes the difference between good and lower quality GPS watches.

Error of GPS positioning is less than 3 meters only under ideal conditions. Between trees and between tall buildings don’t question about the ideal reception. In addition, the exact average that leads to large errors. Think like a GPS reading at least 2-3 positions for an average, meaning at least 2-3 seconds between two measurements.

If went hard into right line might not be an issue, but if had three curves in that period and the device drew a straight line between the two measurements, the accurate of the measurement has a false value. Because of these special watches also have a speedometer classic, in order to accurately measure speed and distance.

However, even on a stadium will have a certain deviation, because GPS watch has not an accurate meter fixed position while running on a lane.

Also when pass under the cables of electricity / transport / lift, it takes a little crazy because of the interference.

Into the tunnels the watch is not record anything, even if is the best watch; the correction usually makes with the software used to download the tracks onto computer.

That is why the “GPS Accuracy” option permit to set one of the watches screens and always sees how time is accurate.

The perfect reception of the satellite signals depends on many factors, and only because the area where are error is smaller does not mean that the same is true for everyone. In principle it can achieve accuracies of up to 10cm but equipment that is very expensive, require special relays and timing requires at least 15 minutes before the first measurement. Any interruption of the signal leads to a new synchronization and a break of at least 15 minutes.

Only GPS dedicated devices to cycling, have sufficiently accurate rate value. The perfect accuracy is still a dream, and only when got the perfect condition (no trees, no clouds, no rain, and no bumps) the accuracy precision rate for a GPS watch can be achieved.

One of the best GPS watches have these technical specifications:

  • Records route, speed and distance using GPS built.
  • Possibility of recording tracks and various indices during training.
  • Access to training programs and your training data on
  • Feedback right after the training session.
  • Rechargeable, 12 hours GPS operation on a single charge.
  • Improves athletic performance with training programs.
  • IPX7 waterproof standard.
  • GPS watch is compatible with computers via USB cable.

Even in these conditions a GPS watch is an indispensable tool for any avid cyclist or marathoner and will be place it on their hand of  those passionate about sport and having active lives.