Golf Shoe Reviews On New Balance Golf Shoes

Equally important to golf clubs and drivers the shoes a golfer wears can make a substantial impact on the golf game. Golf shoes are an investment towards enjoying the game, and the right show increases performance on the course. New Balance is offering a new line of golf shoes to find the New Balance Golf Shoes that are the best, several factors ought to be considered, they include: comfort, quality of shoe material, and making a choice between purchasing cleated or spiked shoes. The key to selecting the best pair is to read golf shoe reviews about them before you buy.


A good golf shoe is not only a shoe that is flexible and has a good grip it is a shoe that is comfortable. Historically golf shoes were made to be either comfortable or provide high performance. Golfers were forced to make a choice: “Do I sacrifice performance for comfort, or can I live with the discomfort for higher performing shoes.” Fortunately as technology has advanced golfers no longer have to make this painful choice. As walking a golf course with shoes that are painful or pinch will ultimately distract any golfer from his or her game finding a comfortable high performing shoe is an essential component of the shopping experience. When finding a comfortable shoe it is important to go to footwear retailers in person to try on the products offered. While the discounts offered when purchasing shoes online may seem tempting a local retailer can not only provide you with the right fitting shoe, they can guide you to find shoe options that will enhance your game. Trying on the different options in different sizes allows you to find the golf shoe that fits you most comfortably.

Materials Used

Golf shoes are made of polyester, leather or Gor-Tex. Each fabric offers advantages and disadvantages. The cheapest golf shoe material is polyester. However choosing a cheap fabric means you will sacrifice durability and waterproof features. Gor-Tex is a waterproof fabric used in golf shoe construction. However, Gor-Tex does not breathe well in hotter weather and can lead to discomfort. Leather golf shoes are the most expensive however they breathe well in warm weather and provide a waterproof product.

Cleated Vs. Spikeless

A major decision when purchasing golf shoes is whether to purchase a cleated or spikeless shoe. A cleated shoe grips to the course giving the golfer added traction. A spikeless shoe often results in less traction on wet courses. A consideration to take into account when making the decision about spiked shoes is that courses have historically restricted the use of spiked shoes as they can damage the green. With the invention of plastic spikes, this issue is becoming less and less common however it would be worth it to ask you favorite course if they have any restriction on spikes.

Choosing a golf shoe that will enhance your game is not difficult when you have considered the factors that contribute to your ideal shoe. Companies offer a wide variety of shoes designed to help you perform your best at the golf course while selecting shoe features that best enhance your game. For the best New Balance golf shoes you might consider purchasing the men’s minimus lx. A waterproof leather shoe the Minimus is comfortable with a spikeless exterior that adds traction while limiting the dangers to the golf green.