Doing Some Social Media Marketing

I have been assigned the task of figuring out how to get more twitter followers. Of course I told my boss that I needed pictures of her in a bikini, preferably the ones from Spring Break in 2005. She smiled, but it was not for sure if she really thought it was funny or not. I did get to start to figure out how to do this within the bounds of good taste. The obvious ways to do it are not really open to me, aside from the offering of incentives. The things that work are fairly well known, all of the celebrities employ some variation of the ideas. The first thing is that you use sex appeal, which is a lot easier if you look like Gisele Bundchen or Kate Upton, but confidence can make up for some of that if you have enough of it. It is pretty obvious that guys are going to follow hot girls, especially the ones who are not shy about using their sexiness for marketing purposes. Guys obviously do the same if they are able.

Controversy is the second way you can get a lot of twitter followers, you see the rappers employ this. Some do it very well and others are clearly not very good at it. You pick on some guy who matters, you do not need to start beef with the guy who wants to be as big as you or the guy from his entourage. You got to pick a fight with Jay Z or Fifty Cent, I guess you call him Curtis Jackson if you want to be sly. At any rate you do stuff that gets attention from rap fans and that generates interest in your music. The thing we can do is to offer prize money.